Low Voltage eMMC Adapter

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Low Voltage eMMC Adapter (assembled and tested).

The Exploitee.rs Low Voltage eMMC Adapter was created by maximus64 and is intended to interface a low voltage e-MMC storage device with a typical SD/MMC Adapter. The adapter is based on the TI TXS02612 which performs logic level translation from an input of 1.1v to 3.6v to an output level of the attached device. The TI TXS02612 intended usage is to convert the logic level of a SDIO peripheral to an attached mobile Application Process. However, in our adapter, the use of this IC along with the SD Card form factor allows us to modify the input logic level of an attached e-MMC storage device to that of an MMC reader.

More info on the adapter can be found on our wiki Exploitee.rs as well as in our whitepaper from the Blackhat Security Conference.

This board measures: 50mm x 24.6mm x 1.6mm

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