Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I receive technical support on using my purchased item?

We have a number of places where users can go for tech support including our forums, wiki, or on the IRC network freenode #Exploiteers

What is the Q&A process on the Low Voltage eMMC Boards?

All eMMC adapters are tested with a Low Voltage eMMC from a Fire TV Stick attached to a breakout board and then connected to our adapter. We then use the Transcend (TS-RDF5K) MMC USB Adapter. attached to a HP notebook running Ubuntu Linux to mount and unount the device.

How do boards, PCBs, and BoM come packaged?

All applicable items come packaged within a resealable ESD bag.

What kind of warranty is included with purchases from the online shop?

A dead on arrival warranty is provided to prevent customers from receiving non-functioning items. If you believe an item you received is defective please contact us at We will provide you an RMA # and upon receiving the defective item back we will ship you a replacement. You are required to pay all return shipping costs.

Is there a QA process prior to shipping?

All boards are tested prior to shipping to ensure an ideal experience.

I have a question, comment, or concern about an item from the online shop. Who do I contact?

Email us at